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Why I wrote my memoir —

In 2011 I moved into a new chapter in my life – a second marriage. Before I moved from my life as a widow and single mother to living with a partner and being an empty nester parent, I felt the overwhelming need to write the story of my journey in life up to that point. I needed to get my story onto paper in order to bring closure to that chapter in my life. Therefore, I embarked on the journey of writing my memoir. In my case it took around 5 years from start to finish with long pauses in between as I threw myself into other work projects. But I always came back to my original intent. I experienced that the writing process was both cathartic and enlightening. Through writing about how I coped I was able to truly understand my values and the family roots of behavior and choices which led me to make certain choices at the time.

Through the creative process of memoir writing I was able to understand my life clearer and embrace with conviction the new life stage. Writing is a creative journey into who you are. Through writing you are able to embrace your life, understand your life – laugh and cry as you review the journey. For the first time in my life I was proud of how I had coped as a person, proud of what I had helped my daughters achieve. Writing ‘Eating The Walls’ has been a liberating experience for me. I know much better today who I am.

Writing a memoir also gives you the opportunity to leave your story – a legacy for your children or other family. There will come a time in their life when they will want to know who you were and why you made the choices you did. A memoir can be a valuable gift to family and friends.

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