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Your Life - Your Words

Writing classes with Jill Morris

Learn to write your life stories under the guidance of Jill Morris. Jill combines her experience as a writer, teacher and school director with her training at the Birren Institute for Autobiographical Studies to help you capture the essence of your life.


Every Life Has a Story

Your life is a collection of rich stories that began at birth and continues through to this moment.

As Mark Twain said: “There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. There is a drama, a comedy, and a tragedy.”

You do not need to know how to write or even want to become a writer, you only need the desire to want to write down the stories from the life you have lived so far. With over 30 years of professional experience, Jill has perfected her own teaching style which has often been referred to as: “wise, clear, and gentle guidance.”


Why take writing classes with Jill?

  • Capture pivotal stories in your life as you respond to writing prompts and questions
  • Learn short story storytelling craft and techniques
  • Develop class writing responses into short stories
  • Share your stories in a supportive community
  • Discover your true essence through writing


Jill’s personal note

I am passionate about what I do – I believe that everyone should write their life stories. We go through life too fast. We create ‘must do’ lists – learn to drive – go to college – have a career – marry – have children, see the world, retire … but we rarely stop and acknowledge the life we have lived. We rarely allow ourselves the opportunity to embrace our lives and look at the stories and characters who made us who we are today. Please take time in your life to discover your stories and write them down. There is only one you – you are unique – your story is unique.


About Jill

Jill has crafted a 30 year career as a drama and English coach and teacher. With a BA and MFA in Theater Arts she founded the Frankfurt School of Dramatic Arts in Frankfurt, Germany. On returning to the United States she established herself as a dynamic and engaging theatre arts and English language educator.

Jill was inspired by her work as an educator to further her career and train as a Guided Autobiographical Writing facilitator under the Birren method. After years of working on the scripts of characters in plays, movies and novels she now realizes that the most important script is our own story.

Jill’s vignettes about life after the age of 60 can be read at


Jill Morris
“The class allowed me to see my personal history in a new and hopeful way. I was able to connect my past to the present and my present to the future…..This class showed me the potential of my writing and my life.”

“I love that we can take away anything we want from the class”

“Jill is an extraordinary teacher because she knows how to push you to the next level in your writing in an insightful, gentle manner.”

“It is unusual to find a teacher that encourages you to grow in an unobstructive, encouraging way.”

Before my memory starts to pass
I thought I would take a memoir writing class
Jill the teacher was there to jog
Distant memories that sometimes were lost in the fog.
The class turned out to be quite a caper
And my early years are now down on paper!
Have you ever looked at a person wondering how they spent their years? We heard stories of adventure, shared laughter and tears.
With a class of about ten, I enjoyed hearing the others
Stores of lives, parents, sisters and brothers.
It’s great to give life’s memories a bit of a sift
Meeting interesting people and Jill…what a gift
My memoir won’t be a best seller, of that have no fear,
But is spells out who I am, and that I was here.

8 week classes

Offered throughout the year.

In person and online.

Maximum class size 8.

Contact Jill for class information.